Dustbox and Airsift Data Toolkit

The Citizen Sense "Dustbox" has developed in the course of the practice-based research on “Urban Sensing” in Deptford and ...


Dustbox Workshop and Walk

The Citizen Sense research project is hosting an "Urban Sensing" workshop and walk in Deptford, where we will work with residents to ...


Dustbox Events

As part of our "Urban Sensing" research, we will be hosting occasional workshops and events to repair and troubleshoot issues that come ...


Dustbox Safety Guide

How to Use and Take Care of Your Dustbox, Including Safety Advice In addition to setting up your Dustbox and viewing your data, you ...


Air Quality Resources

Included here are air quality resources included in our Dustbox Logbook as part of our "Urban Sensing" research. Although this is far ...

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Particulate Matter

Particulate matter images: Pollen, soot, pollen, and carbon composite with heavy metal (lead) and


Dustbox: Particulate Matter Prototype

Citizen Sense has been developing materials for its next project area, "Urban Sensing," including a Dustbox particulate matter (PM 2.5) ...


Pollution Sensing: Launch

The Citizen Sense research project has now launched materials from the pollution sensing project area investigation. As part of this ...