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Particulate Matter

Images: Pollen, soot, pollen and carbon particulate


Dustbox: Particulate Matter Prototype

Citizen Sense has been developing materials for its next project area, "Urban Sensing," including a Dustbox particulate matter (PM 2.5) ...


Pollution Sensing: Launch

The Citizen Sense research project has now launched materials from the pollution sensing project area investigation. As part of this ...

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Data Stories

From late October 2013 to early June 2015, the Citizen Sense research project collaborated with residents of northeastern Pennsylvania to ...

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Pollution Sensing Videos

Working together with filmmaker Catherine Pancake, Citizen Sense has developed 5 videos documenting "Pollution Sensing" fieldwork, ...


Airsift Data Analysis Toolkits

The Citizen Sense Airsift PM2.5 Data Analysis Toolkit and the Airsift Frackbox Data Analysis Toolkit make it possible to analyze and ...


Particulate Matter 2.5 Data

You can view and download over 5 million citizen-generated particulate matter (PM2.5) data points using the Citizen Sense Airsift ...


Frackbox Data

You can view, analyze and download Citizen Sense collected air-quality data on criteria air pollutants using the Airsift Frackbox Data ...